Studying In Hong Kong: Student Profile

The idea of analyzing abroad wasn’t absolutely some thing my secondary faculty helped me to don’t forget.

When taking A-levels, the concept turned into to get your UCAS application in speedy in the desire of scoring an early provide.

Beyond that I didn’t don’t forget what could take place once I completed faculty. Consequently I went to college in the UK.

Don’t get me incorrect, I love my diploma at Manchester University and it’s a exceptional place to live. But once I found out there was a possibility of going abroad for part of my diploma, I grabbed it with both arms.

Coming to Hong Kong was a world faraway from some thing I had experienced earlier than. The contemporary excessive-rises nestled among mountains and islands in the Pearl River delta make cities like London or Paris appearance flat and conventional.

But the first component you genuinely be aware is the crush of human beings. I stepped out of the MTR (underground) station at Causeway Bay on my first night within the town and become met with a barrage of humans, light and sound. It felt like daytime although it become past due at night time.

In brief, coming to Hong Kong started with lifestyle shock.

Many people have asked me how I coped with the language barrier. How on the earth did I control lectures in Chinese? I didn’t.

English is the primary language of practise at HKU and maximum of Hong Kong’s other establishments. I studied Mandarin and Cantonese as foreign languages there, but that is some thing people want no longer find intimidating.

The wellknown of English is superb in Hong Kong, so gaining knowledge of Chinese isn’t always vital. I will say however, that it made for a richer enjoy of the college and the city.

Fellow college students genuinely appreciated that I had long past out of my way to learn a little of their language. This helped me to make buddies wherein my fellow trade students didn’t.

The academic surroundings I found to be very exceptional coming from the UK. There is a good deal more emphasis on organization paintings, projects and shows than whatever I have experienced at my university profession at Manchester.

I’ve been advised this can prove a treasured life skill in my future profession. To be frank, I observed that scholar presentations frequently had been much less involved with addressing an audience and extra concerned with becoming in as many PowerPoint slides as feasible.

But this changed into a minor drawback to a in large part high quality instructional revel in. Committed teaching team of workers and (particularly for arts and arts) very small magnificence sizes all paid tribute to HKU’s position in world rankings.

One of the strangest components of my time at HKU was hall lifestyle. One of the things I preferred maximum was the sense of network that become engendered among floormates and hallmates through everyday food, sports sports and social gatherings.

There turned into some thing very tangible approximately the companionship and closeness of hallmates in my hall which turned into like nothing I had skilled inside the UK.

This closeness did include negative aspects although. Attendance at social occasions and meals (referred to as High Table) was compulsory and non-attendance hong kong mba ended in punishment from the hall’s warden or pupil association. Visiting hours for visitors have been also constrained.

The restrict of certain freedoms which I took as a right at Manchester became pretty a surprise and felt totally opposite to the purpose of living far from home.

But those regulations weren’t sufficient to place me off going to college in Hong Kong. The robust friendships you form with hallmates extra than make up for any limits, which by way of the manner are frequently neglected for global students.

Outside of university existence, food turned into frequently on my mind. There turned into an remarkable array of some of the maximum delicious (and additionally the maximum uncommon) dishes I have ever tried.

Chicken’s toes is the well-known Hong Kong forte, however there is a lot more to the delicious Chinese tapas this is Dim Sum. What’s greater, Michelin-starred meals is so cheap to return via you almost experience as if you’re stealing it. I frequently paid no more than UK£5 for a scrumptious meal at a tremendously rated restaurant.

Of route, as college students, we additionally searched for nightlife. Hong Kong willingly obliged. Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai offer glitzy bars and golf equipment with a few spectacular scenery. Looking out to the shimmering night time lighting of Victoria Harbour from the fifteenth-ground bar often located me feeling fairly contented with lifestyles.

Perhaps most importantly for me as commencement methods, I actually have determined my observe overseas revel in precious in all my task and postgraduate packages.

I even have used the abilties and reviews I have won from studying in Hong Kong in each considered one of my programs and I am currently making ready for interviews with my worldwide revel in on the coronary heart of my answers.

Potential employers appear very involved to understand approximately my time in Hong Kong; my reasons for going and what I won from it. I’m taking that to be a tremendous sign. I couldn’t suggest global look at extra surprisingly.

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