Download and install Microsoft Office 2010 full free for PC

Microsoft Office 2010 has introduced lots kmspico activator of recent functions over Office 2007. The new functions of Microsoft Office will help customers edit text, create spreadsheets, layout shows, control electronic mail … in a flexible and smooth way. If you are a student, workplace people you then should honestly no longer pass this Office 2010.

What’s New in Office 2010
The File Menu is Back!
In Office 2007 the File menu changed into replaced with the Microsoft Office button. In Office 2010 the Microsoft Office Button is referred to as the File tab. Clicking on File will convey you into the Backstage View.


Backstage View
Backstage view is wherein you manipulate your files and the facts about them — growing, saving, inspecting for hidden metadata or non-public statistics, and setting alternatives. In short, it’s far everything which you do to a record that you don’t do within the record. The Backstage view hides your cutting-edge file, and gives you get admission to to report-related sports.
Some of the commands within the Backstage view feature as they did in previous variations: Save, Save As, Open and Close.
Other tabs are new or redesigned: Info , Recent , New , Print , Save &Send, Help , Options.

Customizing the Ribbon
The Ribbon in Office 2010 is now fully customizable. You can’t simplest add icons to a collection but you could additionally create new Tabs.


Improved Picture Tools
New Artistic Effects
With Word 2010, you could now observe sophisticated “inventive” consequences in your photo to make the picture appearance greater like a sketch, drawing, or painting. It’s an easy manner to beautify your snap shots with out the use of additional image-enhancing packages. Some of the 20 new inventive consequences consist of Pencil Sketch, Line Drawing, Watercolor Sponge, Mosaic Bubbles, Glass, Pastels Smooth, Plastic Wrap, Photocopy, and Paint Strokes.

Navigation Pane
The navigation pane hosts a hard and fast of related capabilities for getting around to your report, looking for content, and manipulating the shape and corporation of headings

Download Microsoft Office 2010 expert
+ Setup record


+ Serial key:


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How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 for PC
Before the set up of Microsoft Office 2010, ensure that the PC meets the device requirements:

500 MHz or better processor
256 MB of RAM; 512 MB endorsed
3.Five GB of minimal disk space
Windows XP SP3 (helps only 32-bit Office), Vista SP1, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008
Step 1: When putting the CD a spark off ought to display


Step 2: Enter the 25 character product key on the MSU CD case after which click on Continue.

Step 3: Check the I be given the phrases of this agreement container and then click on Continue button to proceed to the next step.

Step four: Here, you have options: Install Now or Customize. Clicking the Install Now button will start putting in Office 2010 on your Windows power.

Step 5: Everything is complete and you’re now capable of get admission to Microsoft Office

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